Saturday, November 2, 2013

Snazzy Sliders

Clouds obscured the sun as I perused the pond perimeter. 
Near the waters edge, I startled a Frog, that returned the favor.
He shrieked an alarm and noisily belly flopped into the water.

I located my wits, steadied myself and continued my journey. 
I saw something ahead like small green leaves on the wet sand.
I approached for a closer look, my bare feet sinking in the mud.
I suddenly realized that they were green and yellow Turtles.
As I gently picked the tiny reptiles up, I had a vivid childhood flashback.

I had a similar small green and yellow Turtle, as a little kid.
I recalled a clear container with water and a plastic Palm Tree.
I wondered what became of that Turtle; what had I named it?
No idea.

They sprang to life as I rinsed the dried mud from their shells.
Scratching my fingers with their claws, they tried to get away.
They had summoned surprising strength from those little legs.
I placed them in the palm of my hand and carried them to the soft, warm grass, to dry.

They let me take photos, while they basked in the sunlight.
The sun highlighted the intricate designs on their stunning shells.
GOD's handiwork is clearly evident in the smallest of details.

I enjoy the exploration of Nature now, much as I did as a child.
Each newly found creature affects me like a shiny new toy.
Finding two at a time; now that is a big ole bonus.
Twin Turtles!

Yellow Bellied Slider Turtles

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