Friday, November 8, 2013

Fantastic Frog

When I walked outside, around midnight, I noticed the outline of something that looked similar to a Leopard Frog in the shadows.
I retrieved a flashlight and returned to find the creature gone.
 While searching the area, I spied a cat walking under the deck.
As I got closer, I realized that the cat had a frog in its mouth.
I exclaimed so loudly that the cat dropped the frog and ran.
I quickly crawled over and picked up the limp frog's body.
I was furious because the cat had attacked the frog.
That was my favorite type of frog to photograph.

As I solemnly returned to the house, I felt a slight movement.
I rushed the frog into the bright light, for a closer inspection.
It appeared to have some minor wounds on its right side.
I prayed that I had gotten there in time to save its life.
I carried the frog inside to rinse the dirt and grass off.
It started kicking with both back legs, as I washed it.
That startled me and made my night, all at once.
That frog was a fighter; it was going to survive.
I prepared a container to keep it in overnight.
It didn't protest as I closed the vented lid.
It tolerantly rested in a far corner.

The next afternoon, I took the frog outside for some photos.
As soon as I removed the container lid, the frog leaped out.
I chased it back and forth in the yard, until it gave up.
I returned the frog to the house for another bath.
It escaped from my hands and dove into the sink.
I finally had to have a serious talk with the frog.
I said that I deserved some good pictures,
since I had saved it from the crazy cat.
That talk must have done the trick.
The frog settled right down and 
let me get my photographs.
I released it, afterward.
What a Fantastic Frog.

Southern Leopard Frog

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