Thursday, April 24, 2014

Swelling Suwannee

Recent torrential rains have caused the Suwannee River to overflow its banks, but it still provides many great Wildlife viewing opportunities.

It is a bit harder to find convenient parking now, because the best parking spaces are under four to five feet of swiftly-flowing water. I recently managed to snap a comical photograph of an American Alligator swimming past a Handicapped Parking sign, that was neck deep in the drink.

If hiking, extra diligence is necessary, to avoid walking in grassy areas, where snakes and other critters seek refuge from the ever-rising water. I happened upon several different types of Water Snakes during my trek. After the impromptu photo ops, they went their way and I went mine.

I noticed that the Alligators and Wading Birds were coming even closer to shore. I photographed a Snowy Egret that was wading dangerously close to an American Alligator, while enjoying the abundance of small fishFortunately for the Egret, the Alligator was content to simply watch, as the bird furiously darted back and forth, catching its fill of fish.

Sometimes, inclement weather conditions can actually enhance the Wildlife viewing experience, but we always need to be wary of new dangers that might present themselves at any time.

American Alligator

Banded Water Snake

American Alligator and Snowy Egret

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