Thursday, March 20, 2014

Springtime Spectacle

It is such a wonderful feeling, each year, whenever I spot the first Dragonflies patrolling the pond, and look closer to find hundreds of tiny eggs hidden in the shallows. 

The Giant Moths return to meet a mate beneath the yard lights, and the Toads show up to gorge themselves on the many late-night treats. 

At the waters edge, a choir of Frogs are singing praises to God for the much-needed rain, while the Bats are feasting on an abundance of Mosquitoes and Gnats. 

The first Songbirds begin showing off their vocal talents before the sun even breaches the horizon, while enjoying a breakfast of last night's leftovers.

Beautiful Butterflies and Bees are dashing to and fro, busily extracting nectar from the bounty of new blooms. 

In the Swamps, pollen-covered baby Alligators are desperately calling for Mama, as numerous Wading Birds squawk in their treetop nests.

Yes, the much-anticipated SPRING is finally here.
It provides a renewed sense of hope for the future, of both Human and Nature.

Male Roseate Skimmer Dragonfly

American Alligator Family

Tricolored Heron


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