Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sister Slider

On the way to photograph wildlife recently, I passed by a large turtle that was sitting in the left lane of the road.
I backed up and stopped the car, to remove the turtle from the dangerous roadway, before it could be crushed by a passing vehicle.

As I knelt down on the road to pick it up, I was surprised at how heavy it was. 
It was a big, beautiful green and yellow Yellow-bellied Slider that weighed approximately 10 pounds.
I assumed that it was a female, judging by the size and weight, because they typically dwarf their male counterparts in the wild.

I found a large sunny field nearby, where I gently placed her on the warm green grass.
I snapped a few quick shots with my camera, bid her adieu, and continued on to my destination.

Later on, when I passed back by the field, I noticed that she was still sitting on the grass, so I stopped again to check on her.
As I approached her, I saw that she was intently digging in the dirt with her hind legs.

To my surprise, she was in the process of digging a hole to lay her eggs in.
How exciting!
I simply had to photograph that.
She patiently waited, as I took several more pictures, then went on my way.

God provides such wonderful photographic opportunities for me, if I just be patient.

Female Yellow-bellied Slider Turtle Laying Eggs

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