Thursday, February 20, 2014

Splendid Suwannee

On a recent visit to the Suwannee River, I was elated to find an extensive variety of wildlife to view and photograph. 

I first saw a colorful Red-Shouldered Hawk standing near the edge of the water. Surprisingly, it allowed me to approach close enough to get some detailed shots, before it took flight, high in the baby blue sky. 

I later happened upon a large American Alligator basking on the river bank, with a recent kill in the water nearby. It looked at me as if it thought that I might try to steal it's leftovers. After excitedly snapping some great photographs, I continued on.

While intently watching seven Alligators gathering at a sharp bend in the river, I observed a Wood Stork flying over my head. I hurriedly followed it, until it landed in the top of a towering Cypress Tree. It perched and posed for several minutes, for me to get some great shots.

A short time later, a gorgeous Great Blue Heron perched in a nearby tree, with limbs draped in Spanish Moss. What a photograph that made.

As the sun settled in the swamp, I counted my many blessings and thanked God for all of the beautiful creatures that He created, and generously allows me to photograph. What a day.

Red-Shouldered Hawk

American Alligator

Wood Stork

Great Blue Heron

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