Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Moth in the Hand

Meet Polly.

She is a gorgeous Polyphemus Moth, in the family of Giant Silk Moths.
The beautiful eye spots on her wings are God's way of helping her to scare off predators, like Birds and Frogs, so that she can have time to pollinate some flowers, mate, and lay her tiny beige eggs.

When I first saw Polly, she was trying to perch out of the reach of several Eastern American Toads, who had been intently watching her fly in spirals, above their bumpy heads.
I guessed that she would have been like a late-night steak dinner, to them.

I offered her my hand and, to my surprise, she gladly accepted.
She must have sensed that I meant to do her no harm.
I could feel her fuzzy feet desperately grasping at my skin, to remain on my hand.
She finally climbed up my fingers, until she found a comfortable spot. 
Then she calmed down and rested for a while.

Polyphemus Moth

She flew away, shortly after daylight, the next day.
Carpe Diem, Polly.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Clingy Cicada

On a cool, damp morning, as my eyes scanned the area for critters, my heart leaped when I spied this big bug.

It was one of the elusive Cicadas that I had heard in the trees daily, but never actually saw.
I had finally found one near the ground, and it was alive...
(sorry, Frankenstein flashback)

I crept over to it with my heart pounding in my ears, anticipating the disappointment of the Cicada's impending hasty retreat.
To my surprise, it climbed up onto my finger, with little hesitation.

Wow, that Cicada had some kind of grip!
It latched on, like it had no intention of ever leaving my warm hand.
I quickly photographed it, still expecting it to fly away at any second.
It moved around a bit and posed for me, but never chose to leave.

After getting my photographs, I was unable to return the Cicada to its original resting spot.
It refused to relinquish my digit, until I coaxed it onto a Cypress stump with the thumb and forefinger of my other hand.
Then it finally released its fierce grip on my finger, so that I could put it down.

It was wonderful!
I was then able to get even more great photographs of the Cicada perched on the stump, before I left the area.

I thanked God and the Cicada for the prodigious photographic privilege, then I left it alone with its thoughts.
It remained on the stump for a few more hours, until the sunlight became too intense for comfort.
Then the Clingy Cicada flew off into the shady safety of the tall trees.


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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Little Leopard Frog

Here is a photograph of a small Southern Leopard Frog sitting in my hand.
This was no easy feat, by the way. These Frogs are extremely skittish.
I couldn't believe that it was actually letting me hold it, without jumping.
It tilted its head up and to the right to get a better look, directly at me.

Cute critter. 
I bet that it is relieved that I don't eat little Frog Legs.

Leopard Frog

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