Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fantastic Frog

I nearly stepped on this fantastic frog, as he hid in the grass.
I had never seen a frog that looked quite like this one.
He was lovely lime-green with dozens of small brown spots and gorgeous golden eyes.

I warned him that he had chosen a hazardous hiding place.
As I picked him up, he thought that he would be my dinner.
I told him that I don't eat Frog Legs, but he didn't believe me.
He repeatedly attempted to leap from my hand, revealing his long, slender legs.

I assured him that he was the finest frog that I had ever seen.
He looked at me like he thought that I say that to all the frogs.
I informed him that I fully intended to get some great photographs of him, to share with others, then I would release him in a safer spot where he could feed on lots of insects.
With that, he finally relented, calmed down and posed for me.

Fortunately, he allowed me to photograph him in my hand and in a small tree cavity, where he sat after I released him.
He loved feeding on the abundant insects in the area and I saw him there many more times during the long, sultry summer.

I named him Bob, the Barking Tree Frog.

Barking Tree Frog

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